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Bold Chunky Striped Disc Bound Minimal Planner Dashboard

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Bold, Simple, and Functional. Our Planner Dashboards are the best greeting when you open up your planner!
These dashboards are a fantastic landing page for sticky notes, planner cards, paper clips, or other deco.
Laminated for durability, they will protect the pages behind them and keep your inserts safe inside the cover of your planner.

●Sizes Available●
▪Half Letter: 5.5x8.5"
▪HP Mini: 4.5x7"
▪HP Classic: 7x9.25"
On all of our laminated dashboards, a small overhang of lamination is present.

●This listing is for a planner dashboard (this is not a cover) only and does not include any other shown accessories or inserts unless noted.●
Please note that these are lovingly handmade, but may have slight variations.
Colors and patterns can vary slightly compared to their color on your screen.
Each divider, dashboard, or other planner accessories may have slight color variation compared to each other.

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