Sticker "Oops" Bags
Sticker "Oops" Bags

Sticker "Oops" Bags

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Pack of 20-25 sheets of "Oops" Stickers

You will get a mystery variety pack of our sticker sheets. Each sheet has a flaw that has prevented it from being sold at normal price. These flaws may include...

  • misaligned cuts
  • color misprints
  • smudged text (minor)
  • less than 8 missing stickers (test cuts) 
  • colors that have never been sold

Any completely unusable sheets have thrown away and you will get sheets that are each 70%+ usable! 

Combination of dots, flags, scripts and bug stickers. (some of the scripts are specific so you may not be able to use all of them based on your schedule and lifestyle).

All are random! No special requests on these guys :)